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19 December 2019

ABB hosted channel partner and customers’ meetings at newly opened Grafton customer showroom

CMSTrainingPic1Supporting ESC’s initiatives to grow the business and enhance customer experience, ABB provided 
a venue for ESC to meet with wholesalers, engineers, architects and specifiers and present ABB’s 
electrification products.

Holding meetings on 22nd and 26th August, ESC presented ABB's new range of Li-Ion Emergency 
Lighting portfolio and EV charging solutions and held training for engineering consultants and architects 
from Construction Marketing Services (CMS) and SpecAssist at ABB's customer showroom, respectively.

“We needed a common space near the central city with facilities to promote the new range and where we could look after our clients with food and drinks. With large screens to present information, space to 
look and touch the samples and facilities to serve lunch, ABB’s customer showroom was the perfect environment in all aspects”, Stephen Collard, Product Specialist – Emergency Lighting, ESC said.




CMSTrainingPic2ABB Ability™, ABB’s unified, cross-industry digital offering, is a central part of the technology on show 
at the customer showroom – alongside connected products and systems that include displays highlighting industrial automation, microgrids and asset management.

The flexible space utilises ABB’s intelligent building and electrical distribution and energy management 
technology, notably KNX, and smart home features including Free at Home, the Welcome 8 door entry 
system, AC wallbox charger for electric vehicles and a React for Solar.





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